• Our Products

    Every week we strive to make everything that we send out of the door the very best it can be. We source from short, British supply chains, and take the time to make products with real character.

    We use top quality ingredients to make food that is different, less salty, and full of natural flavour.

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  • Smoke School

    We think the best food is an experience, which should leave your heart as full as your belly.

    Our series of Smoke School masterclasses are designed to do just that and will see you rolling up your sleeves and getting fully involved. The aim? To give you all of the knowledge and skills needed to make delicious sausages, bacon, salamis and salt beef.

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  • Subscriptions

    Our bacon and charcuterie subscriptions are designed to give you a little boost just in time for the weekend.

    Containing a selection of our award-winning bacon or charcuterie, you’ll receive your package directly through your letterbox along with recipe suggestions, and information on how we craft the product. 

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