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Hand-Linked Free Range Sausages

Hand-Linked Free Range Sausages

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These are sausages like no other. 

We make all of our spice mixes from scratch for each and every batch of our hand-linked sausages. That means that unlike most commercial sausages we are not buying in dusty pre-mixed blends which has a huge difference on the depth and breadth of flavour.

And we love the fact that the ingredients on the back of the packet are all things you would recognise (no weird chemicals here!)

All of our sausages use Gloucester Old Spot free-range pork, are coarse ground and use gluten-free rusk. They are available in the following varieties:

Classically flavoured with parsley, mace and pepper. Delicately seasoned to suit breakfast, BBQ and dinner. Gluten-free, coarse-ground sausage using only the best native breed British pork. 

Maple & Bacon
Sweet, sticky and packed with unctuous flavour. These free-range coarse-ground sausages are made using fresh sage, thyme and parsley, plenty of Grade-A maple syrup, with our award winning smoked bacon making up a healthy 25% of the contents.

Type: Coarse-ground, gluten-free large sausage.
Technique: Hand-mixed, hand-stuffed and hand-linked.
Hang time: 16 hours
Awards: Great Taste Stars (2021 and 2022)
Format: 700g large pack (approx 6 chunky sausages)
Serving size: 2 sausages is ample for an average dinner serving.

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