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To make our Bresaola we start with our farm’s top quality ex-dairy cattle that have been retired on good pasture to produce a deeper and more interesting flavour of meat.

We then use their silverside muscles and cure them in salts, fresh rosemary, garlic and citrus peel, before a lengthy maturation. Together, this produces an exceptional bresaola that is rich in umami flavours with notes of bitter rosemary and lemon.

A fantastic partner to deep, peppery flavours and aged cheese. 

Type: Dry-cured and air-dried whole muscle
Cure: 3 weeks. Salts, citrus peel, fresh herbs and spices.
Hang time: 4+ months
Format: 50g sleeved pack, 500g unsliced pack
Serving size: 25g for a light lunch
Awards: Charcuterie Board Rosette Winner (2022) and ICD Awards (2021 Silver)

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