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Aged Streaky Bacon Packs

Aged Streaky Bacon Packs

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Naturally marbled, streaky bacon for the connoisseur, and what we prefer to eat ourselves. Cured by hand and hung to smoke for 36 hours over real oak and beech woods before being aged to intensify the flavours. Available in two variants:

Aged Smoked Streaky
The original and still a favourite, We love the way the fat renders out of these rashers when grilled, creating a crispy rasher that's not too salty. Superbly flavoured traditional bacon.

Our bacon is worlds apart from commercial rashers. As well as using only meat from free-range, native breed pigs, and being hand-crafted with care by our expert team, there are some key parts of our process that separate us out:

  • Dry-aged for intensity: we really don't know of another company that does this quite so much. We dry age each slab of craft bacon for an average of 28 days, like you might see with a fine rib of beef. In doing so the meat becomes firmer, with reduced moisture and a deeper, more intense flavour.
  • Twice smoked: using a careful blend of oak and beechwood from real fire, we hang our bacon to smoke in our draft smoker. We do this twice, a week apart, and for 17 hours a time. It's a gentle process. We don't rush it and you can tell the difference in every mouthful.

Cure: 1 week in salts, sugar, spices (and British molasses)
Hang time: 3-4 weeks
Smoke: 36 Hours over oak and beech woods.
Format: 170g sliced, sleeved packs.
Serving size: 1 pack is enough for two bacon sarnies.
Awards: Great Taste Stars (2020)

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