London Smoke & Cure

We are a small, friendly company operating from a lovely cobbled mews off Streatham High Road, inside what was once a 1900s horse stable.

Our bespoke production unit is set up for the sole purpose of smoking and curing food of real character.

Our Values

We live in a world where ostensibly artisanal products are often mass-produced in large, anonymous manufacturing plants, inventively branded to give the impression of something individual and characterful.

We are becoming increasingly disconnected from the food that we eat and the systems that make them, and that is no way to live.

At London Smoke and Cure we want to celebrate and champion a more conscious consumption. We want to be part of the fight back.

  • Quality

    First and foremost we want everything that goes out the door to be of the very highest standard – which means everything that comes in the door also needs to be of the highest standards.

    We source the finest, highest welfare ingredients from short, British supply chains, so we can build a direct relationship with our suppliers and a deep trust in the ingredients that we use.

    And our approach to craft production means we are able to spend time making products with character which stand leagues apart from their mass-produced equivalents.

  • Sustainability

    We are uninterested in greenwashing and we take our sustainability obligations very seriously.

    We have existing initiatives including a steadily expanding e-cargo bike delivery service across London, renewable electricity, overhauling our packaging, and using comprehensive waste management.

    We are also on a journey of continuous improvement and we have exciting plans for the coming years that will see us improve our operations in line with our impact assessments. 

  • Livelihoods

    We believe in being socially responsible employers.

    From our humble beginnings in a Crystal Palace back garden to our current Streatham smokery, as we have grown, so has our team, and they are our most valuable asset.

    In addition to being a London Living Wage employer, we are focussed on professional growth, occupational health, mental wellbeing and job satisfaction to make London Smoke & Cure an enjoyable place to work and a springboard for careers into the industry.

Mount Grace Farm, North Yorkshire

Our pork and beef is supplied by Charles Ashbridge, who rears Gloucester Old Spot pork and retired dairy cattle on Mount Grace farm in North Yorkshire.

We choose to only use animals that have been treated with respect and raised to the highest ethical standards, and in our weekly talks with Charles and his knowledgeable team we are always astounded by the level of care and attention with which they rear their animals.

About The Team

London Smoke & Cure was founded in 2015 by Ross Mitchell who was quickly joined by Jamie Beevor.

They are now part of a wonderful team of smokers, curers and geeky food-experimentors. Currently on the production floor are Brendan, Silvia, Alex and Luke, each bringing a wealth of diverse experience accrued working with artisan producers and high-end chefs.

You’ll see Chris on his cargo bike, delivering orders across the streets of London, and Lee, Callum and Sam, chatting informatively at farmers markets across the city. Joining most recently, Rakeem has become a valuable member of our back-office team.

Ross says:

“If there’s one thing I’m most happy with about the business it’s the team. I’m incredibly humbled by the hard work they put in and the improvements they constantly make to the business. We’re a motley band of characters and friendly reprobates and working amongst them makes all the hard work worth it.”

If you have a talent that you think would complement us we’d love to hear from you.

Finally, a word about the amazing photography on this website:

We are immensely grateful to photographers Ben Gold and Jodi Hinds, who are responsible for many of the photos on this site and who have shared their superb skills to help bring our food, and our little company, to life.