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Smoked 'Nduja

Smoked 'Nduja

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Our award-winning spreadable smoked ‘Nduja is here to make a statement! This is fresh and semi-fiery, with a sweet smoked finish.

Made using only finest quality pork, heavily flavoured with smoked paprika and a blend of hot chillies before being smoked over multiple days (like the Calabrian traditionalists). 

Perfect to add a punch of flavour to a host of dishes from pizza to breakfast eggs.

Ferment time: 72 hours
Hang time: 10 weeks
Smoke time: 100 hours
Format: Extra large diameter, 80g sleeved pack, 1kg extra value pack
Serving size: Add 25g to a portion of hot pasta for added kick
Awards: Great Taste Stars (2021). Charcuterie Board Top Ten (2022)

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